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Badoo is a social networking website that was founded by Andrey Andreev: a Russian (Andrey Ogandzhanyants) entrepreneur who has founded a range of tech companies: SpyLog, Mamba and Begun. Badoo was founded in 2006, has it's headquarters in Central London (Soho), and has an operational and developmental staff of over two hundred employees.

Badoo is a social networking website that has a strong focus upon dating, and generates revenue by charging a fee for members to become more prominent in search results. Many commentators have noted that while Facebook helps established friends to connect, Badoo helps strangers to connect. While Badoo is free to use, some 'free' members have criticised the service: stating the limitations on messaging, uploading and free members prominence in search results.

When Badoo was launched in 2006, the service was primarily marketed to members in Spain. Badoo attracts users by 'word of mouth', and within one year of it's launch: it had attracted over ten million members. In 2011, Badoo had 120 million members, and 300,000 members that used the service daily. Most of Badoo's members are not based in English speaking countries - even though the company is based in London - and, in 2011, Badoo had millions of members in the following countries:

  1. Brazil: 14 million members
  2. Mexico: 9 million members
  3. France: 8 million members
  4. Spain: 6 million members
  5. Italy: 6 million members

Badoo mobile was launched in 2011, and is compatible with both the iPhone and Android. Badoo mobile uses Wi-Fi networks data points and IP addresses to notify members who is local to them; so as to arrange a 'date' with local Badoo members. Badoo mobile proved itself to be a popular app: by 2012, it helped Badoo attract a further 30 million members.


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