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Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Network (CCIRN)

Last Edit: 10/01/17

CCIRN stands for the 'Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Network', and is a committee that meets on an annual basis to organise and plan the development of computer networks for research and scientific purposes. The members of the committee are invited from a wide range of American, African, Asian and European research organisations. The following organisations have been invited to participate in CCIRN meetings:

  1. Asia-Pacific Networking Group (APNG) (Asia)
  2. CERN Networking Group (European)
  3. European Association of Research Networks (RARE) (European)
  4. Federal Networking Council (United States)
  5. Foro de Redes de America Latina y el Caribe (ENRED) (South America)
  6. U.S. Department of Defense (United States)
  7. U.S. Department of Energy (United States)

The goal of CCIRN is to facilitate the interoperable and interconnection of networking services for research and academic pursuits. Specifically, connecting the networking services of intercontinental organisations in: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, South America,
and North America.

CCIRN meetings have included Internet luminaries, like Vint Cerf, and have played an important role in promoting the development of organisations to assign Internet numbers for regions and continents. In the 1980's, the membership of CCIRN meetings was largely comprised of North American's and European's. The first meeting of CCIRN was held in Geneva in 1988, and, one of the main topics for discussion was the creation of a European organisation to assign Internet numbers for European IP networks. The second meeting of CCIRN was held a year later in West Virginia. The early CCIRN meetings were largely dominated by US members: due to a lack of interest from European governments to adopt the TCP/IP protocol suite developed by the U.S. Department of Defense.