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Content Connect

Last Edit: 10/01/17

Content Connect is a service provided by BT Wholesale in 2011. The service is offered to Internet Service Providers in the UK, who pay to use BT's telephony network. The basic gist of the service, is that it will allow ISPs to charge an additional fee to heavy bandwidth users such as video content providers (Youtube, BBC iPlayer).

Content Connnect has caused quite a stir, with many onlookers believing it could destroy Net Neutrality. The principle behind Net Neutrality is that no ISP, Wholesale Provider or Government should provide a restriction on user's ability to access the content existing on the Internet.

Content Connect would appear to counter against the principle of Net Neutrality. Instead of user's being able to access whatever content they wish, regardless of size or cost, ISPs may dictate which content they provide, due to Content Connect filtering which Internet companies wish to pay ISPs for delivering their high speed gaming/video content.

BT have argued that Content Connect will not effect Net Neutrality. Instead, it will allow ISPs to strike commercial deals which can prioritize selected content providers.

The underlying issue is that video content has been providing a huge strain on networks around the globe, and especially in the United Kingdom. The explosive growth in the use of the Internet has led to many network providers playing catch up in infrastructure improvement and expansion.