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Flickr is an image hosting website that was founded by:

  1. Stewart Butterfield
  2. Caterina Fake
  3. Jason Classon

Flickr was launched by Ludicorp, a company founded by Butterfield, Fake and Classon. Flickr was an off-shoot of a mmorpg that Ludicorp developed, named: Game Neverending (GNE). Flickr began 'life' as an image hosting tool within Game Neverending (GNE), but, proved so successful, that it was launched as a standalone service in February 2004. Game Neverending (GNE) was developed from 2002-2004, but, was shutdown in favour of developing Flickr.

When Flickr was launched, the Ludicorp 'team' that developed the service, consisted of: J. Allspaw, S. Butterfield, J. Classon, E. Costello, C. Fake, C. Henderson, P. Lloyd, G. Oates, and B. Cerveny. When Flickr was initially launched in February 2004, it had social networking elements within the service: a chat room where users could chat, interact and share photos. As the service evolved, the social networking elements of the service were shelved in favour of developing the uploading and filing aspects of the service.

Flickr was sold to Yahoo! in 2005 - only a year after it was launched - for a fee believed to be in the region of $20 million. Ludicorp was a Canadian company: so, when Yahoo! purchased Ludicorp (Flickr) the service (servers) were moved from Canada to the United States; this meant that data uploaded to Flickr were subjected to a different set of laws. In 2007, Flickr accounts were converted into Yahoo! ID's; a move that proved unpopular amongst the original members of the Flickr service. However, as of 2015, Flickr has remained a standalone service, and has not been absorbed into a Yahoo! photo service; as some Flickr members feared when Yahoo! acquired Flickr in 2005.


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