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Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)

Last Edit: 10/01/17

The Internet, as of 1992-2014 (present day), is comprised of interconnected computer networks that communicate via protocols provided within the Internet protocol suite. The protocols of the Internet are open and the process of standardising these protocols is currently overseen by the Internet Society (ISOC). The Internet Society's partner organisation is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): the IETF is comprised of working groups who suggest and develop new Internet protocols, or, suggest and develop updates to the current Internet protocols.

The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), as the name suggests, 'steers' the activates of the IETF. The IESG will receive requests from the working groups of the IEFT, and then decide whether the request should be refused or placed upon a 'track' of becoming standardised. If a request is placed on a standards 'track', the process will mature, and the process of maturity is overseen by the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). The final process of approving a specification developed by a IEFT working group as a Internet Standard, is also decided by the IESG.

The members of the IESG serve as individuals, and do not represent a government, organisation or company. The leadership of the IESG is provided by a 'chair'. Previous chairs of the IESG have been:

  1. (current, 2014) J.Arkko
  2. 2013 (served until) R.Housley
  3. 2007 (served until) B.Carpenter
  4. 2005 (served until) H.Alvestrand
  5. 2001 (served until) F.Baker
  6. 1996 (served until) P.Mockapetris
  7. 1994 (served until) P.Gross
  8. 1986 (served until) M.Corrigan