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Joyce Reynolds

Last Edit: 10/01/17

Joyce Reynolds is a computer scientist who contributed to the development of a number of Internet technologies, such as: the Telnet Protocol; the File Transfer Protocol; the DARPA Experimental Multimedia Mail System; and the Post Office Protocol. Reynolds studied at the University of Southern California, where she received: a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Social Sciences and a Master of Arts degree in the Social Sciences.

Reynolds co-authored RFC-1010 with Jon Postel: RFC-1010 was the first RFC document to mention an organisation named IANA, and outlined the role in which IANA would assign numbers on the Internet. Alongside Jon Postel, she helped administer IANA from 1990-1998 - IANA became a department of ICANN in 1998 - and worked at ICANN from 1998-2001.

Reynolds worked alongside Postel as an editor for the Request for Comment (RFC) document series from 1987-1998. Postel died in 1998, due to heart complications, and Reynolds continued her editorial role until 2006. Reynolds developed (For Your Information) FYI RFCs, which provide an introduction to computer network based information.

Joyce Reynolds most obvious affiliation has been with USC's Information Sciences Institute: Reynolds has worked at ISI since 1979 (to the present day: 2014). She has a webpage at the ISI website:

Reynolds was involved in many crucial developmental 'steps' of the Internet, such as: the transition from the NCP to TCP protocol in 1980. For her contribution to the development of the Internet, she was awarded the Postel Award in 2006.