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Advice for moving to a new ISP?

Last Edit: 10/01/17

If you wish to move of ISPs, you may be wondering how you go about it.

A major complaint by many subscribers is their Internet service experiencing lag spikes, or reduced upload and download rates.

Firstly, canceling your contract or stopping a direct debit or credit card payment is a bad idea. It is important to keep your current account active.

The simplest way to move ISP is by asking for a MAC code. The majority of ISPs support MAC codes. The term 'MAC' is short for 'Migration Authorisation Code'.

Once you have this code, then your new ISP can seamlessly transfer your account with a minimum of lost connection time.

The process:

1. Ring the customer services of your current ISP. You will probably be asked to give a reason for your leaving. But courteously ask for a MAC code. Or migration code.

2. Find a new ISP, once your happy, find the registration page and select the option to enter your MAC code. If you're using the telephone then they will ask you for the code.

3. Once you have entered the MAC code, you can complete the registration process.

4. You should then receive an email or telephone explaining how long the migration process will take.

5. If you changed your mind, and wish to stay with your current ISP, then you need do nothing. Your MAC code will expire after a set time period, and you will stay with your current ISP.

Once the above process is started, then it's not possible to delay the date of migration or pick a date of your choosing. Your only solution in delaying the migration is to cancel the process altogether. Then you will need to initiate the migration again at a time of your choosing

If you can't get a MAC code?

There are quite a few reasons why you may find yourself in this situation. The most common of which is moving into a new home. If the previous owner had broadband, then how do you go about finding a MAC code?

Firstly use an ADSL line test to determine which ISP your broadband subscription is with. If thiswill not show your current ISP, then it's time to phone BT wholesale. They do not have the ability to remove a live service marker from your line.

But, if the marker is not live, they may beable to cancel the marker, but this process can take a few weeks. The process is to ask BT wholesale who your current broadband provider is, then phone the provider and explains your predicament and hope they see sense and provide a MAC code.

Why don't all ISPs support MAC codes?

To make it difficult to leave, they hope you will stay rather than be two or three weeks without an Internet connection. Some ISPs have been very cheeky. They say they support migration codes, but they only allow migrations in and not out. Sadly MACs are a voluntary service, providers are not required to use them. Therefore when picking a new provider, it's a good idea to make sure they support migrations in and out of their service.