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Sky Internet

Sky Internet is an Internet Service Provider located in the United Kingdom; Sky Internet - also referred to as Sky Broadband - is owned by it's parent company BSkyB (British Sky Broadcasting). BSkyB are best known for their Satellite broadcasting service; which has had exclusive rights to live Premiership football since the league's inception, although it does now share the broadcast rights with BT (2013). Sky Internet has been developed with the help and oversight of James Murdoch, the son of Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul responsible for creating and managing BSkyB.

Sky Internet is currently (2013) discounted to existing Sky customers who have Sky TV; alongside Sky Internet/Broadband, Sky also provide line rental (landline) telecom services - referred to as Sky Talk. Sky landline services are provided by BT Openreach. BT Openreach is a company who rents and is contracted to maintain and provide the landline and broadband services of third party providers, such as, Sky, Plusnet, TalkTalk etc. Domestic homes do not have a contract with BT Openreach; therefore, it is pointless to contact them with telecom problems. BT Openreach's customers are the third party providers, such as Sky. Therefore, customers need to contact Sky, who will contact BT Openreach on their customers behalf.

Sky Broadband was originally just a landline ADSL service (currently ADSL2+, 2013), but, it has expanded to offering a fibre optic service - subject to coverage, which is usually in urban areas. Fibre optic broadband offers a much higher download and upload speed in comparison to ADSL; it also provides better speeds for customers who are further away from the network exchange.

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