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Tinder is a social dating, slash, social networking mobile application, that uses geolocation technology to 'match' people. Tinder was released on the 15th of September, 2012, and was founded by the following people:

  1. Dinesh Moorjani
  2. Sean Rad
  3. Justin Mateen
  4. Jonathan Badeen

Tinder uses the Facebook account of users to collect information: primarily their location and 'likes'. The Tinder app uses a 'swipe' function as it's primary control mechanism: based on the information collated by Tinder, it provides users will a selection of potential matches, and the user can use a left or right 'swipe' to 'like' or 'reject' another user. To 'like' people on Tinder, a user needs to 'right swipe' the person, however, only subscribers currently have unlimited right swipes; a Tinder subscriber is classified as a Tinder Plus user. In 2015, the price of becoming a Tinder Plus user is:

  • £14.99: users over 28
  • £3.99: users 28 and under

Tinder can be downloaded for free (as of 2015) from the following domain name: gotinder.com. Tinder is free to download for the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. If people want to change their details in Tinder: then all they need to do is alter their Facebook profile information. For pictures to appear on Tinder: then a user needs to upload their photos in a Facebook folder that is accessible to their friends. It is possible to message and chat with other Tinder users, but only when a user has right swiped a user and they have become a 'match'. It is possible to block and unmatch another Tinder user: however, this is a permanent action that cannot be changed.


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