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XING is a German social networking platform that is primarily designed for business, and for developing business contacts. While XING is intended to be international in scope, it was founded in Germany, has it's headquarters in Hamburg, and the majority of it's users are German. XING was created by Lars Hinrichs: a German entrepreneur, who has also founded HackFwd. XING was primarily designed to manage business and employment contacts, and, therefore, the majority of it's users are:

  1. Business people
  2. Students (looking for work placement)
  3. Job seekers

XING is free to register an account with, and become a member of; however, many of it's most important features are restricted to premium members. To become a premium member costs in the region of $10 per month. XING offers the following features: personal profile, groups, discussion forum, searching for contacts, private messaging, event coordination, mobile access, free email account and social community organisation.

XING's most obvious competitor is LinkedIn; however, LinkedIn's members are more international, with 300 million members, primarily located in the: United States, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Australia. The vast majority of XING members (estimates indicate over 90%) are located in D-A-CH (German speaking area) countries and territories: Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It is notable that out of the top ten countries with LinkedIn users, none are D-A-CH countries.


Hinrichs founded XING in 2003; it's headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany. XING was originally named the Open Business Club GmbH, or, simple OpenBC, but, was renamed to XING in 2006. XING has purchased three other social networks - designed for business users in Turkey (Cember), Spain (eConozco) (Neurona) - and migrated it's users to XING. XING became a public company in 2006, and, in 2009, Hinrichs sold his stake in the company and stepped down as CEO.


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