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Free Email Accounts

Below is some web sites on the Internet that offer free email accounts on their server,


  • AoL mail - If you after more space than can be offered by the free account then Aol, has this offering for free or a premium account.
  • Freeola - Comes with an unlimited amount of inbox space, which is rare for most free accounts. You can also sign up for web hosting, which has no limits as well.
  • Gmail - Short for 'Google Mail', they promise less spam than other free accounts, and also mobile phone access to the service.
  • GMX - Provides a storage space of 5GB, which should be enough for most people. They also rave about their ability to halt viruses and spam mail.
  • Mail.com - offers E-mail address that fits your personality, password protected, block Spam and more.
  • Hotmail.com - all the normal features you expect from an email package as well as the ability upgrade to our premium email service.
  • Hushmail - They state that their free accounts are secure, and that all incoming emails are scanned for visues, trojan horses and to weed out automated spam messages.
  • Yahoo.co.uk - offers a fast and reliable service that includes a spam filter and the ability to upgrade to a premium service.
  • Lycos.co.uk - offers blocking function for unwanted messages, large 15MB mailbox size, translation function, POP3 access and more.

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