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Broadband Postcode Checker

Published 2011

One of the primary tools provided by UK Internet Service Providers and broadband comparison sites (such as uSwitch) is the "Broadband Postcode Checker". The postcode checker does not locate your address for billing purposes; it checks whether your address has access to broadband. Even though the UK Government is attempting to achieve full broadband coverage, many rural areas of the UK still do not have access to any type of broadband. Furthermore, most small towns and villages have zero access to super fast fibre optic broadband. The two images below display the "Broadband Postcode Checker" tool found on the uSwitch website. The first image shows the input box for the tool, and the second image displays the results page for an address in the centre of London.

Found on numerous comparison sites for UK broadband packages, a user simple enters their UK postcode into the input box, presses enter, and the tool with then display the results, which is shown by the following image,

The results page for a broadband postcode checker, this for a central London postcode, the British Library, and it shows that it has access to both the conventional broadband provided through a telephone line, and high speed broadband provided through fibre optic cabling.

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